Unique in quality

Gift art and flavor at the same time

Box 120 chocolates

Three trays of different flavors

Small treats for all times


Roches, Carrés, Croustillants, Mendiants and more. 9 out of 10 people who receive a gift from Le Vice tell at least one friend or family member how exquisite it was.

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Santiago, Vitacura and Monticello

Monumental flavor in every bite

Since 2013 at Le Vice (from the French, " The Vice ") we have handcrafted chocolates, macarons and caramels designed so that you can show off with your friends and family

El chocolate que sorprenderá a PAPÁ este domingo

Desde 2013 en Le Vice (del francés, "El Vicio") nos obsesionamos con la calidad. Viajamos, aprendimos y lo mejoramos.



¡Nos dimos cuenta que teníamos un stock de Pascua rezagado que quedó en nuestra fábrica!

Así que decidimos lanzarlo a un precio ÚNICO durante esta semana. Son pocas unidades. Fecha de vencimiento desde el 10/08/24.


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What makes us so good?

  • Unmatched flavor

    Everything we can tell you about our product does not matter next to the most important thing: THEY ARE DELICIOUS .

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    We're committed to the quality and satisfaction of our customers, therefore we offer you a 100% refund if your order has any problem.

  • Protected from heat

    All orders are shipped with cooling gels when the temperature exceeds 24ºC.

  • It is a premium gift

    Packaging with recycled materials that is at the level of the quality and exquisite flavor of our creations.

  • Sustainable and sustainable

    We use only fine source cocoa with 100% traceability from harvest to chocolate bar and prioritize recyclable packaging materials such as kraft.