Cacao criollo, trinitario y forastero ¿Conoces la diferencia?

Criollo, Trinitario and Forastero cocoa. Do you know the difference?


We love chocolate, just like you. We are sure that if we ask you what is the main ingredient of each of your favorite chocolates? You will answer us Cacao, absolutely convinced. But did you know that there are different varieties of Cocoa and, depending on which one is chosen, the flavor of the chocolate can change?

We will tell you everything about the varieties of Cocoa that exist in the world so that you know a little more about your favorite Vice.


It is a fruit that we obtain in the form of a grain and it comes from a small tree that grows only in tropical environments. Like any other plant, it has many varieties, which influences its properties and this causes the aromas or flavors to change.

Curious detail is that other products are also obtained from its beans: cocoa paste and cocoa butter.


At some point cacao was used as currency among some indigenous tribes. Also with these grains drinks were created that were used in meetings of the leader of the tribe.


Now let's get down to business, literally.

There are 3 important varieties in CACAO. Forastero Cocoa, Criollo Cocoa and Trinitario Cocoa.


Forastero or Amazonian cocoa is the most common variety, its flavor is strong, bitter, slightly acidic and it represents 70% of the world's cocoa consumption. It is the most robust (producers say they are confident in its resistance to diseases) as well as bearing the greatest number of fruits, but the points against it are a lacking aroma and little fruit flavor.

This grain was introduced by Europeans into colonized territories when chocolate was in demand in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.

Forastero cocoa varieties are grown mainly in Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Sao Tome and some plantations in Southeast Asia.


It is the tree that produces the best quality fruit, but it is characterized by being less fruitful and represents a small proportion of world production. It is identified by having round and slightly flat seeds. These, without fermentation, have a slightly purple and white color.

It is a cocoa with fruity aromas with notes of nuts and slightly bitter, but refined. It is highly prized for the highest quality chocolates. With this variety, some of the best chocolates and any gourmet preparation are prepared.

It is cultivated mainly in Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua in small quantities. In addition Venezuela, Colombia, Caribbean islands, Trinidad, Jamaica and the island of Grenada. In Madagascar, Java and the Comoro Islands.


It is a hybrid obtained from the Criollo and the Forastero. Its production is clearly superior compared to the Creole and combining the taste characteristics of both. It is much more resistant to diseases and has a much more subtle flavor. If you ever try it, you can feel special.

Contains a wide range of flavors, aromas and lingers on the palate. Flavors of hay, honey oak, apple and melon can be appreciated. It is cultivated in Trinidad, Java, Sri Lanka, Papua-New Guinea, Cameroon and Venezuela under the name Carenero Superior. It currently represents approximately 5% of world production.


ING leopoldo Mendoza
ING leopoldo Mendoza

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Bernardita Alejandra Gajani
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Luisa Rivero
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julio cesar gutierrez martinez
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