Summer Diet with Chocolate

Have you ever imagined that you would find a diet that would help you lose weight, but without giving up chocolate? If it's your vice as much as ours and you can't quit even for a day, this diet is for you. The ChocoDiet promises to make you lose up to 5 kilos in 4 months this summer, mixing gourmet recipes with vegetables and chocolate snacks.

Kathryn Piehowski, lead author of the ChocoDiet and a scientist at Pennsylvania State University, conducted a study with Hershey's and two of its employees, in which a group of twenty-six overweight premenopausal women followed an eating plan, losing up to 5 kilos in 4 months in a healthy way. All of these women attended weekly sessions where they were taught a meal plan with meal replacements and reduced portions to 1,500 calories per day, while adding small dark chocolate snacks to eat twice a day (a total of 90 calories per day or 20g). Chocolate) and unsweetened chocolate for breakfast.

The researchers commented that this demonstrates that women do not have to completely eliminate chocolate and nuts from their diets to see successful results. Plus, these help reduce cravings for more sweets or anything else that can ruin your diet.

Now that you know that chocolate can be part of your summer diet, we leave you with an example to follow during the month of February:

Calibrated diet for a 40 year old woman


  • Coffee, tea, mate or orange juice without sugar or sweetener (250ml.)
  • Glass of skimmed or soy milk (200ml.)
  • Carbohydrates: Bread (30gr.) what whole wheat bread
  • Sugar-free jam (40gr.)
  • Proteins: Turkey ham (40gr.) or Fresh cheese (60gr) or Nuts (30gr)

Morning snack:

  • 1 or 2 Carrés Dark Chocolate diet. (Remember only 20 gr. or 90 calories a day of chocolate)
  • Cornflakes (20gr.)

Our sugar-free dark chocolate carrés They come in two presentations of 125gr and 250gr.

At lunch:

  • Vegetables or Vegetables (125gr.)
  • Proteins: ¼ Grilled/oven chicken (100gr) or Fish (150gr)
  • Carbohydrates: Rice (40gr.) or 2 tablespoons of cooked legumes.
  • Olive or Sunflower Oil
  • Seasonal fruit (120gr.) 

We also leave you some recipes so you can start.


  • Fruit or natural skimmed yogurt (125ml.)


Our Beggars come in two presentations of 125gr and 250gr.


  • Proteins: Fish (150gr.)
  • Vegetables or vegetables, whether fresh or sautéed (125gr.)
  • Carbohydrates: 2 toasts or 2 tablespoons of cooked legumes.
  • Seasonal fruit (120gr.)

We also leave you some recipes so you can start.


Allowed foods:

  • Carbohydrates: Whole wheat bread, potato, macaroni, rice, legumes (Heavy raw) and beans or peas (Cooked past).
  • Proteins: Beef (100gr.), ¼ Chicken or Rabbit, Fish "Hake, salmon, grouper, rapa" (150gr-200gr.), 2 eggs, turkey (80gr.), 1 can of tuna or 2 slices of tofu.

Kathryn Piehowski told the magazine Nestlé Health Science As soon as someone tells you you can't have that, what do you want? You want that ”.

Nothing is prohibited on this diet and the good thing is that you can enjoy your favorite flavors together with Le Vice Chocolat.

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