¡Nuevos formatos de 20 macarons, 15 y 25 bombones ya disponibles!

New formats of 20 macarons, 15 and 25 chocolates now available!

There is nothing better than the feeling of working on something special for a long time and seeing that the result is positive. This is the feeling we have in the Le Vice team for the recent launch of our new formats of chocolates and macarons.

Box 20 Macarons

New exclusive format, we have worked on an impressive round box of 20 macarons that is now available in all our branches. Combine them however you like between your favorite Le Vice flavors.

Value: $23,900

Box 15 Chocolates

For a long time, you, our favorite customers, have requested a more convenient format between the box of 8 and the box of 22 chocolates, and for this comes our precious box of 15 chocolates, whose design includes the best of the colorful Le Vice and the textures of a top quality material.

Value: $9,900

Box 25 Chocolates

New horizontal format with a modern design, it also includes a bag in new yellow and watermelon colors, which we are sure will become the brand's new best seller.

Value: $14,900

And very soon, more news!

We have a surprise for you, a new box of macarons that is smaller and with a completely new design, it will be available from January 2020.

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