¿Qué son los Macarons y dónde los venden en Chile?

What are Macarons and where are they sold in Chile?

Just by trying them, many are enchanted under their exquisite spell. They become addictive due to that explosive combination of sweetness, flavors and textures that expands in the mouth and invites you to want more and more. the macarons  traditionally French and now incredibly universal  They have become the new gastronomic vice of thousands. But, what are they really and what aspects do we consider to make them perfect?

The history of macarons, who is the creator?

To start talking about them, we may have to delve into their origin, but that debate is as long as their antiquity, including the anachronism in the scenes of the film Marie Antoinette, by Sofía Coppola. Because if the famous queen came to consider them her favorites, she had to have done it in its initial format: without filling and like cookies. Well, at first they were served like this, just as Catherine de Medici introduced them to the Gallic country, coming from Italy, in the 16th century.

But it was not until 1862, many years after the death of the capricious empress, when Louis Ernest Ladurée – or his baker, that is up for debate – created in France what we know today as macarons, after joining two tops with cream, jam or ganache in the middle, like a cupcake. Leaving us forever as a legacy this typical sweet made of almond flour, egg white and sugar.

How should good macarons be?

Although surely, if you have visited Paris, you have seen them exhibited in hundreds of windows of its elegant bakeries, showing off their very attractive colors and thus you have found out that they can be made in the most varied flavors; believe us when we tell you that not everyone is perfect. Finding quality macarons is very difficult, even in the City of Light.

Even the best chefs sometimes have mishaps when preparing them due to the enormous attention that must be paid to all the details of their manufacture, since a slight error can affect the entire final result.

“A well-made macaron should be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The caps or cokes They should be smooth and have an even, raised macaron 'crust' or foot. And of course the filling must be made with the best raw materials. Ours meet all these standards according to my taste", our founder José Antonio Carvallo tells us, who in addition to creating, actively monitors the production of our products.

An infinite world of flavors

At Le Vice Chocolat we have nine flavors of macarons: Madagascar Vanilla, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Caramel, Pink, Coffee, Lemon Pie, Pistachio and Chocolate. All made by a specialist team, one hundred percent handmade, at our headquarters in Santiago de Chile.

Although our favorite territory of expression is chocolate, certainly the introduction of macarons to our catalog was a success and creating new flavors throughout our history, since 2013, has been a lot of fun. The inspiration has come in very different situations, even making mistakes in the recipes.

Where they sell them?

We know that due to their attractiveness and exquisiteness, macarons attract attention and are becoming more and more popular in Chile, as they are a perfect and delicious detail for all kinds of special occasions.

Thanks to the expansion of the pastry industry in Chile, today there are several houses nationwide where you could find them, such as: Etienne Marcel, Damien Mercier and other small patisserie who want to venture into this world. In any case, we recommend that Don't leave without trying Le Vice's macarons , as we are obsessed with quality and we believe we can surprise you.

Would you like to have the recipe?

It fills us with emotion and pride to listen to people when they tell us that when they try our macarons they remember a moment in their lives that was special and, until now, they had not been able to repeat it, because they could not find ones that tasted like this or better.

Or when they stop in front of our stores, impressed by the colors and the temptation to treat themselves, and experience for the first time the magnificent encounter of crunchy, moist and soft at the same time, which can only be mixed in the uniqueness of the macaron.

Seeing those faces is priceless! And it is our greatest reward.

That is why we ask you: If we explain step by step how to make them, would you dare to make them at home? Tell us what you think and we will give you the recipe in a new post, without reserving anything. The secret is right there, and we want to share it with you.

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