¿Existe el chocolate vegano?

Is there vegan chocolate?

In recent months we have noticed that our followers ask us more frequently if we make vegan chocolates. Surely, if you also look closely around you, you will notice that it is increasingly common for information about vegan products to be published and many locals expand their options with this qualification; and this, although it is in tune with a global trend, has a very important reason.

What is a vegan chocolate?

Before getting into the matter, and if you are not familiar with the concept, let's clarify what characteristics a product or food must have to be considered vegan. And, in reality, it is very simple: not have among its ingredients any component of animal origin or derivative.

Due to its vegetable origin, chocolate is already a vegan food in itself, since it comes from cocoa. But chocolate loses this category if it is mixed with milk or butter, which, as we all know, come from the animal world.

How to recognize a vegan chocolate?

If you have access to the list of ingredients it is very simple, just note that its components do not contain milk or any derivative of it since it is the most common ingredient of animal origin in chocolate. On the other hand, no one is going to deny you that the more pure chocolate is in cocoa, the more health benefits it brings and it is super positive that you never stop consuming it.

If you do not have access to the list of ingredients, look at the color of the chocolate, if it is very dark it will surely be a dark chocolate and it will not have milk, so it will therefore be vegan.

Here's an infallible tip: If you have access to the percentage of cocoa in chocolate, you can easily tell if it is vegan. Because? Chocolate with more than 55% cocoa cannot contain milk, so if your chocolate bar has at least that percentage, you know for sure that it is vegan.

Also, the more cocoa it has, the more "vegan" it is, since it does not contain milk and/or butter like milk or white chocolate presentations.

Ingredients of a vegan chocolate

The ingredients of our vegan chocolates are: cocoa, cocoa butter, soy lecithin and sugar; and this is the formula of all our solid dark chocolate products. But be careful, we also have a sugar-free collection, and instead, we use maltitol.

Le Vice Collection for Vegans

The answer to our customers' question is: Yes! At Le Vice Chocolat we have a special line for our vegan friends. It is made up mainly of our solid dark chocolate products, this means with a high percentage of cocoa.

Carrés , tea spoons , coins with nuts and tablets , are some of the offers we have for those who are interested in preserving their "vice" for chocolate in a way consistent with veganism as a way of life.

Ideal for special occasions, our vegan line is also a wonderful option to give to your vegan friend or friend, and elevate their good taste after trying our unique flavor.

Tell us if you have tried our vegan chocolates and what do you think?

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