¿Cómo conseguir el maridaje perfecto entre vino y chocolate?

How to get the perfect pairing between wine and chocolate?

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the words chocolate and wine? Do they connect to something? Does the same reaction occur in you? At least to me, it makes a lot of sense as a combination. It is that if you think about it, chocolate and wine have a lot to do with it and we want to explain why.

In the first place, and appealing to the sensitive, both are products that you consume when you want to raise your spirits, inject yourself with joy or simply have a good time to share.

What is the explanation?

Due to their nature and origin, both have floral and fruit aromas in their essence. And also, both, in their composition, are loaded with antioxidants, such as the famous flavonoids that even have cardioprotective properties.

But, added to that "natural match" that they achieve with each other, if you know how to choose well, the match that they will make on your palate by raising all their notes will be better, since it will cause you an unparalleled sensory experience.

And yes, it is not bad to pair wines and chocolates. In fact, it will soon be a global trend, you'll see.

Understanding its origin and treatment is essential to start

“What is mainly sought in a pairing is to check if the elements enhance each other. In this case, that the wine and the chocolate enhance their properties and increase them to the maximum” , explains the oenologist Natalia Poblete.

Although nothing is strict, we could assure that there are some formulas that would be worth repeating in this topic. For example, it is key to understand that a full-bodied, aged or blended wine should ideally be accompanied by a chocolate that is also present and strong, with a high percentage of cocoa. Likewise, if you are a lover of milk chocolate, then monovarietal, young and fruity wines go perfectly with it.

The higher the percentage of cocoa, a wine with presence

Wines with character (given by their years of aging) are highly recommended to be paired with bitter chocolates . Traditionally elegant strains such as Cabernet Sauvignon either Syrah , or precision-crafted multivarietal presentations, are ideal for tasting chocolates with high percentage of cocoa . You can try each one separately, or first take a sip of the wine and then let a piece of the chosen dark chocolate pour into your mouth, slowly, invading your entire palate.

From our catalog we can mention some products that we believe combine spectacularly, such as black carriages either Black Beggars, which have 64% cocoa. For me, the chocolates Ceylon (cinnamon ganache) and Orange (orange ganache), both with notes of hazelnut in their fillings and also with a 64% black cover, stand out from our collection as the best choice to pair with an elegant wine with weight in the mouth and a coupage of red vines.

Which wine is ideal if you love milk chocolate?

In Chile we have the happiness of frequently producing and consuming wines made from the vine Carmenère . Many of them are known for highlighting their fruit attributes and the typical terroir of our valleys. We suggest this wonderful strain if you want to pair it with sweet chocolate, with cocoa percentages ranging between 35 and 45%.

In addition, young wines (of any variety) are excellent complements to milk chocolates. We recommend trying them with our Sugar Free Milk Beggars, since it is a milk chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa (42%) and low sugar content, the pairing is balanced on the palate. In our experience, we believe that they also combine exquisitely with our hazelnut praline-filled products (such as Coquillages), achieving complete coverage, savoring the fruity notes in the aftertaste. And from our line of chocolates, they can make a magnificent alliance with Opiz, a 100% natural mint ganache filling.

The trick for whites

Fans of white chocolate, the sweetest of all types of chocolate and rich in cocoa butter, also have their chance to show off with a good wine. In these cases, the way is to enhance its tasting with sparkling white wines or made from the vine Chardonnay .

You can try it accompanying them with our White Croustillant , since the freshness and sweetness of white wines enhances the sublime notes on the palate of this product, you hardly vibrate with the unique flavor of the caramelized almond slices and covered in 32% white chocolate. It would also be worth trying with our Citre bonbon, with a lemon ganache from Pica. The latter, paired with a pinot noir —a red variety with a spirit of white— it fits perfect.

To practice!

If you set your mind to it, getting a perfect pairing between wine and chocolate can become a very fun and delicious challenge, where there are no mistakes, only trials. And in which with each sip or bite you try, your senses will broaden their horizons, leading you to discover unimaginable flavors and notes. Or bringing your memories to that olfactory and taste memory that transports you to spectacular past experiences. Dare, that's the way.

If you are going to try, remember that the sensations and tastes are very strong in the nose, so we recommend you force yourself to exhale through the nose while tasting the chocolate to reveal all its aromas. Do not forget!

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